Lunes, Marso 28, 2011

WANTED!!! Web Developer

We have been seeking this:

The individual will probably be loyal, ready to learn, participate a global team (not agency).

We have been very centered on our people.
We offer training, long lasting support for the best folks who strive around, develop their skills.
Were very loyal and treat people as family

We expect great work ethics - are hard even as do.

Now for the skills:

- wordpress
- joomla
- webpages
- Will need to have advanced English (and not simply say they actually do)

We pay well for the best people.

Also, should you not hear back from us, My apologies but we've a great deal of applicants and so are unable to react to everyone.



EMPLOYMENT TYPE                   : Full-time

SALARY                                       : To discuss

Huwebes, Marso 24, 2011

Wanted: WRITER

We're eying for nice writers!

* Writers who definitely are fluent in English, good in grammar and also have great ability as a copywriter.

* Writers who are able to write original articles.Topics will be presented.

* Writers who are able to manually spin articles. Spinning implies that articles is uniquely rewritten thrice, ensuring the idea of the content is preserved even if rewritten. Special formatting is going to be explained at length once chosen.

* Writers who are able to add synonyms about the article utilizing a software which we will provide.

* Writers who are able to spin and add synonyms would be the priority.

This isn't a one-time job. We provide part-time and full-time writing jobs which is expected that a minimum of 3 articles daily are delivered. This can be a goal not really a rule.

An established efficient, fast, accurate writer will be presented continuous work, continuous compensation and perhaps better pay. For those who have rate along with other proposals, please don’t hesitate to provide us. We appreciate reasonable, reduced rates but we're more emphatic about the quality and accuracy from the work done. Tell us if you wish to work part-time or full-time as well as your salary preference.

In your resume cover letter, please start it with “I’m your writer!” Basically don’t check this out sentence, I won’t consider the application.

In my opinion as writers you've sample articles. Don't hesitate to attach them for my perusal. You might email these to my assistant,

For all of us to evaluate your skill, I've attached some tests that you should put on.

Stick to the links below.



EMPLOYMENT TYPE                   : Part-time or Full-time

SALARY                                       : Negotiable

Miyerkules, Marso 23, 2011

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